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Symbol DS9208 Presentation Barcode Scanners



The Symbol DS9208 barcode scanner futureproofs your business, using advanced optics to scan any barcode you throw at it. Mobile couponing, phone-based ticketing, and other methods to digitally store and transmit barcodes are continually gaining popularity, and the DS9208 can read those barcodes with ease. The spherical viewing lens on the barcode scanner eliminates glare and reflections that can appear on screens, making scanning a snap.

If you want to save space or avoid a bulky eyesore at your checkstand, the DS9208 is the barcode scanner for you. The small profile design is a mere three by five and a half inches, about the same footprint as an index card. It also sports a sleek contemporary design that won't draw attention from your business's aesthetic. Optional models have Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) functionality built in, eliminating the need to manage a standalone system and minimizing clutter at your checkstand.

The DS9208 has the tools to keep any checkstand running smoothly. The 2D imager reads standard 1D and 2D barcodes from up to 10 inches away, and with a motion tolerance ideal for even high volume retail. An optional drivers license parsing model gives your employees the ability to format and transmit data from drivers licenses, speeding up and eliminating errors on credit or customer loyalty applications.

Though designed for relatively safe retail environments, the DS9208 is built to survive the odd accident. The barcode scanner is built to withstand drops of five feet to concrete, and the IP50 seal keeps dust from causing malfunctions. You also get a three year warranty standard, with optional Service from the Start warranty coverage to give you better peace of mind with your investment.


  • Optional Drivers License parsing model available
  • Spherical lens eliminates glare and reflections
  • 90 in/sec motion tolerance
  • Contact to 10.5" scan range for 100% UPC barcodes

También puede ver esta lista en Español. Visite para comprar el Zebra DS9208 lector de códigos de barras de presentación.


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