POS for Pizza Restaurants 2 POS STATIONS

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Enhanced Touchscreen Option
We understand that different environments, applications, and budgets call for an exceptional touchscreen POS option. For this reason, we offer the Pulse All-In-One with J1900 Projected Capacitive touchscreen.
Improve Customer Service
With the Pulse All-In-One J1900, you will have the option of up to 8G DDR RAM, providing higher bandwidth and data transfer at twice the rate, increasing transaction times and improving customer service in one fell swoop.
Expand POS Peripherals
The Pulse All-In-One POS system is compatible with multiple integrated POS peripherals including, but not limited to: MSR, fingerprint reader, rear LCD or VFD customer displays, and a 2D barcode scanner. This ensures that you will be able to customize your POS system to meet your unique business needs
  • Cash Drawers for Any Application
Whether you need a standard-sized CDR for traditional POS or a smaller CDR for tablet POS, we offer four different cash drawer sizes. These sizes will fit most POS countertops as well as their under counter requirements. The models we have available are:
1915- 18” W x 15.2” D x 4.3” H with metal bill weights, stainless steel finish, 5 Coin/ 5 Bill (US)
2000- 18”W x 18.25” D x 4.3” H with plastic bill weights, locking lid/till cover , 5 Coin/ 5 Bill (US)
3000- 16.1” W x 16.3” D x 4.48” H with metal bill weights, available in white or black finishes, 8 Coin/5 Bill (US)
Promotes Cashier Accountability
The dual drawer configuration promotes greater individual accountability. This means that there is no till sharing, so managers will always know which drawers belong to which cashiers, eliminating confusion or discrepancies regarding who was responsible for which cash drawer last (1915 & 3000 only).
Under Counter Mounting
Sometimes counter space is limited and you need to consider other options. For this reason, all of our cash drawers are able to be mounted beneath your counter. This can potentially save room for last minute impulse-buy items to be attractively displayed at your checkout counter.
Separate & Store Transaction Media
Our cash drawers’ dual media slots will allow you to separate and store various types of transaction media, ensuring your cashiers always have what they need at their fingertips to complete a transaction quickly and accurately.
  • EPSON T20
Avoid headaches and paper jams with this Epson receipt printer. Since the Epson T20 features drop-in paper loading, an auto-cutter and printer status LED lights, it is one of the easiest-to-use receipt printers on the market.
Low Power Consumption
If you’re concerned about lowering overhead costs and keeping your business green, this Epson receipt printer may be just what you’re looking for. Since it is an Energy Star Qualified Printer, the T20 is prepared to help you save money and protect our climate.
Decrease Queue Times
Keeping your customers waiting in line for a receipt printer that takes an age to print is a great way to score poorly on your customer service reviews. The Epson T20 prints up to 150 mm/sec, a print speed that will accommodate fast turnaround, decreasing queue wait times, and getting satisfied customers happily out the door.
Polished, Modern Appearance
If ergonomics and aesthetics are important to you, look no further. The Epson T20 receipt printer has an integrated power supply, ensuring that you won’t have unsightly wires protruding from the device and your countertops have a clean and organized appearance.
  • Easy-to-Maintain
With receipt printers, ease-of-use and maintenance, as well as reliability are an absolute must. With a clamshell design, the PR-IM Impact Receipt Printer ensures easy and efficient paper loading and ribbon replacement, decreasing down-time for maintenance and the amount of time customers spend in the queue.
Eliminate Unsightly Wires
Elevate your POS system’s aesthetic through the elimination of unsightly wires with the PR-IM thermal impact receipt printer’s internal power supply. The reduction of wires at the POS also ensures that the likelihood of a staff member tripping over cables and cords and unplugging the POS is reduced.
Versatile Mounting Options
Since the PR-IM Kitchen Receipt Printer is wall mountable, you will save space and minimize counter top use. This will enable you to optimize your counter space with impulse-buy items.
Easy Upgrades
With a swappable interface card, you will be able to effortlessly interchange the connection type without purchasing a new POS printer. Whether you need an Ethernet, USB, or other sort of connection, you’ll be able to easily swap out the card and upgrade your PR-IM impact receipt printer.
  •  POS for Pizza Restaurants 2 POS STATIONS


Attention Pizza Restaurant Owners!

After 19 Years Mastering Point of Sale for Pizza  all over this Great Country We Have taken all the guess work out for you!

This is One Complete Pizza Take Out and Dine In Point of Sale System for Pizza Restaurants.

This Package Includes


All In One POS Terminal Windows 10 Pro, 8 Gigs Ram, 500 Gig HD, 3 Year Onsite Warranty Parts and Labor

Aldelo POS Software with 90 Days of Technical Support

Electronic Cash Drawer with Cable

Thermal Receipt Printer with Cables and Power Supply

Impact 2 Color Kitchen Printer with Cables and Power Supply

Aldelo EDC Credit Card Software with Credit Card Swiper with all NEW Accounts

Programmed Configured and Plug N Play out of the box!

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